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Through the Needle’s Eye, LLC


Teri Young and Kara Mason have been stitching partners for more than 20 years and have been in business together for over eight years. Kara and Teri began teaching at local quilt shops in 2014, focusing on appliqué, embroidery, and ribbon work. They feel honored to have had their original Baltimore Album-style quilt, A Fairy Tale Album, hanging in exhibits in Houston, Chicago, England, and Virginia. They have lectured and taught at guilds internationally, and have taught a series of workshops for the Baltimore Appliqué Society. For the past seven years, they have been teaching at the Academy of Appliqué in Williamsburg, Virginia, and are thrilled to have added Baltimore on the Prairie to their resume. Their most recent quilt designs include In the Garden, Lovely Botanicals, Woodland Reverie, Baltimore Fraktur, Village Wanderings, Flora and Fauna, and Love’s Journey, which was exhibited this spring in Nantes, France. Their appliqué designs, whether in wool or cotton, are always brought to life with embellishment of some sort—ribbon, roving, or any fiber that will fit in their needles. Wanting every student to experience success, their teaching style is an encouraging “don’t panic, it’s organic” approach that focuses on enjoying the process while learning new skills. This stitching partnership is now living back on the same side of the pond, but their designs have been greatly influenced by their international travels. Stories and tutorials of their needle adventures are chronicled on their blog, Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye.

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