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Privacy Policy

Through the Needle’s Eye, LLC cares about your privacy, and we take every precaution to keep your data protected.


What kinds of information do we collect?

There are two ways that we obtain information from you. First, we receive personal information from you when you fill out a form on our website or make a purchase, providing your full name, email address, and phone number. For order payment, we partner with PayPal and Square, who collect your credit information. We never see, nor do we store your credit card information. Those third-party partners do provide us with your mailing address following your payment, so that we can fulfill your order. We also partner with Shipping Easy for the mailing of our packages, so your address will be shared with them, and ultimately, the mailing service, most often USPS.


Secondly, using cookies, we track general information whenever you are on our site. This data is not specific to you personally, but might include your location, the pages you visit, how much time is spent on those pages, the type of browser you are using, or the traffic source. This information enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our website and make improvements for your user experience.


What are cookies?

We use Wix as our Web Host service. Their site explains: ”Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser. They are typically used to keep track of the settings users have selected and actions they have taken on a site.

Wix uses cookies for important reasons, such as:

  • To provide a great experience for your visitors and customers.

  • To identify your registered members (users who registered to your site).

  • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness of Wix's platform.

  • To ensure our platform is secure and safe to use.”


To learn more about cookies, read “What Are Cookies in Computers?”


How do we use the collected information?

Your personal information—purchases, correspondences, shipment information—allows us to provide you with better service, and to answer questions you may have. The general information collected and provided by Wix and Google Analytics shows us what parts of our website are working and what we may need to improve.


Will Through the Needle’s Eye share your personal information?

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We have a secure server (SSL), which ensures that all data is encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. Only data necessary to fulfill your order with the third-party partners mentioned above will receive any of your personal information. We will never share, trade, sell, or rent your personal information. We have your email because you have provided it to us, and we respect your right to choose to whom you share that information.


Must I agree to these conditions?

By using our website, you are consenting to the collection of the information described in this policy.


Through the Needle’s Eye is not responsible for the privacy practices of any other sites we may link on our website. We encourage you to check the privacy policies of those specific sites; we cannot be held liable for issues from other sites we may link.


For more assurance, we encourage you to read the privacy policies of our third-party partners in service: Wix, PayPal, Square, Shipping Easy, and Google Analytics.



Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or feedback about our Privacy Policy. It is our deep desire to provide you with the best website and shopping experience possible.


Thank you for visiting us at!


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