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Frequently Asked Questions

Through the Needle’s Eye, LLC, strives to make your web experience with us as easy and enjoyable as possible. You may find the answer to your question below. Please read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.


How can I find out if you are available to teach or lecture?

You can see what we currently have scheduled on our News and Events page. We would love to visit your guild or conference; just email us for our availability, and we can start a discussion about what workshops or lecture might be of interest to you.


How do I receive free digital patterns when they are offered?

When we are doing a promotion and offering a free digital pattern, you must go through the full shopping process. In our web shop, be sure you have placed the designated DIGITAL pattern in your cart, go to checkout, enter the coupon code, and check out. You must provide your full name, email, and phone number to check out, but that will be your only “cost.”


Why do I need to supply my email for a free download?

First, the link to your download will be emailed to you, so we obviously need your email to send you the link. Secondly, we would like to have the opportunity to send you an occasional email letting you know what fun things we have going. Of course, you always have the opportunity to opt out of receiving our newsletters. We promise that we will not harass you and load your inbox with tons of mail.


How do I get my digital patterns?

Once you have completed your digital pattern purchase, you will be emailed a link to your PDF download. We recommend that you download it onto your computer right away, as the link is only good for 30 days. It might be helpful to keep a folder on your computer to place all your pattern downloads, so you’ll know where they are when you are ready to print them. Or, just download and print right away. We know you’ll be eager to get started!

Will a kit I purchase have the exact same materials as in the model?

Most of the time, we try to source enough materials for many kits, so that they will be the same. That being said, many of our materials are hand-dyed (wool, ribbons and threads), so there is often some amount of variation in the dye lots. We get as close as possible, but there may be instances when the color is close, but not exact. Additionally, we may use a ribbon that goes out of stock, so we must find a suitable substitute.

How quickly are orders filled?

We try to ship all orders within a day or two unless we are traveling or at a conference. Shipping usually takes 4-6 days, though it is sometimes faster. We are not responsible for delays once it leaves our hands (or mailbox). Under most circumstances, you should receive your order in about a week.


How are orders shipped?

As a rule, we use the USPS for our shipping, as we have had good success with them and they are the most cost-efficient. If, however, you prefer another method of shipping, email us and we will work with you.


Can I return my order?

All sales are final; however, if you are not satisfied with some aspect of your order, please email us and we will work with you to find a solution to the problem.


Are wholesale orders accepted?

We would be happy to offer wholesale pricing to shops for our patterns. Please email us if you are interested.


How can I contact you if I have questions?

There are several places throughout our website where you can fill out a form to contact us. Or you can directly email us at


Where else can I follow you?

We are on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thank you for visiting us at!


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