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Village Wanderings

A quilt series by Through the Needle's Eye

What is more charming than a village of quaint homes bedecked with flower boxes abounding with blooms and picturesque little shops filled with fruits and vegetables, and even a wedding cake! Our homes and shops are each framed with embroidered floral ribbon swags. We introduced Village Wanderings—Homes in March 2021 at the Academy of Appliqué; our second set, Village Wanderings—Shops, was featured at Baltimore on the Prairie in September 2021. Patterns and kits are available for both sets at this time. The center medallion, Seaside Chapel, was one of our teaching sessions at the 2022 Academy of Appliqué, along with the cornerstones of the quilt, the four Seasonal Trees. Patterns and kits for those are now available in our web shop.  This quilt is inspired by visits in the charming villages in Europe. These blocks could be appliquéd with wool or with cotton, and all are heavily embellished with embroidery and silk ribbon. 

Set 1: Homes



The spring home features a wisteria vine, a flower box of pansies, and swags of forget-me-nots.



The summer home includes a rose bush and flower boxes of geraniums with swags of black-eyed susans.



The autumn home contains topiaries, flower boxes of mums and ivy, and  swags of forget-me-nots.



The winter house is decorated with holly wreaths and a flower box of evergreens with swags of mistletoe.



Winter house appliquéd in cotton



Autumn house appliquéd in cotton

Set 2: Shops


The cafe has outside seating under the awning, with flower boxes of delphiniums; it is framed with swags of yellow blooms.


The market stands are filled with fruits and veggies: grapes, apples, bananas, lettuce, cauliflower, and carrots.


The quilt shop displays a miniature quilt in the front window and window boxes brimming with geraniums, with swags of red flowers.


The bakery window boxes contain irises and petunias, and the front windows feature macarons and a wedding cake.

We have patterns in digital PDF downloadable format and printed patterns. We also have wool kits, thread kits, and ribbon kits, or you can purchase full kits for a discount. Kits include materials for all four homes, shops, or trees, or for the center medallion. 

To order for Village Wanderings, click below. 

Center Medallion: Seaside Chapel


Seasonal Trees


Spring tree with bluebird


Summer tree with goldfinch


Autumn tree with woodpecker


Winter tree with cardinal

Village Wanderings has been beautifully quilted by Karen Marchetti!

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