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Hopeful Stitchers

Join our Hopeful Stitchers Facebook Group by clicking HERE.

A little bird told me that some fun is coming in the Hopeful Stitchers Facebook group!

Fly over and join now!!

Flora and Fauna


Welcome to our new stitching adventure!! 

Each Monday and Thursday for the next two weeks, we will offer one or two of the blocks digitally as a free pattern—only in our Hopeful Stitchers Facebook group. The pattern for the full quilt will be available for purchase on Thursday, July 21, in our web store. Group members will have access to a special discounted price for 2 days only: Thursday, July 21 and Friday July 22. What a deal—30 patterns plus assembly instructions, all for about a dollar a pattern or less! If you are a member of our Hopeful Stitchers group, you will receive five patterns free. (You must join the Facebook group to get the free patterns and the coupon code for the reduced price.) 

 IMG_2897 (1).jpeg

Join our Hopeful Stitchers Facebook Group by clicking HERE.

During the pandemic in 2020, we started a Facebook group and offered a free Hopeful Bluebird Stitch Along. The pattern for this lovely wall hanging is now available in our web store, both in digital and printed form.


We will soon have the pattern available for the Sewing Smalls, using the templates from that pattern. We have wools kits available for the sewing smalls in our web store as well.


We then launched our Hopeful Flowers Stitch Along, and we had such fun learning new stitches together as we embellished this new wool appliqué project. It was been such a joy to see all the blocks and wall hangings that have been shared in our Facebook group. You can now find the pattern for the full quilt in our web store, in both printed and digital formats, and we have wool kits available as well!


Our Hopeful Stitchers group continued to grow as we stitched our way through our garden, with our In the Garden patterns. So many lovely flowers were stitched!


Join our Hopeful Stitchers Facebook Group by clicking HERE.
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