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Our Favorite Tools for Successful Dimensional Wool Appliqué


We are often asked what essential tools we recommend for wool appliqué with ribbon embroidery, so we decided to assemble a great starter kit with all the "must-haves" that we use. Each item can be purchased separately, but for a savings, you can purchase our tool kit, complete with a small sample of SoftFuse premium fusible web to try. (Note that we do not presently carry that item, as it is on backorder.) This kit comes in a mesh bag and includes the following:

  • Bohin Chalk pencil with refills—perfect for marking wool for placement or embroidery. The chalk lines are easily brushed away, so it is very forgiving and works well on the wool fibers.
  • Signa Uni-ball white gel pen—good for making more permanent markings, either on wool or for cotton or silk appliqué. Marks on many surfaces and stays, so it is easy to follow the line.
  • Martelli Tweezers—useful for many wired ribbon techniques, as well as for placing small elements or beads, removing tracing film like PressN'Seal, or even unpicking stitches. We always have our tweezers nearby.
  • Chenille #22 needles—useful for most embroidery as its eye will carry most embroidery threads, and it is perfect for silk ribbon embroidery, because the eye is long so that the ribbon can go through it flat. This size is sufficient to prepare the fabric for a 7mm wide silk ribbon to prevent the ribbon from shredding as it is pulled through the background. 
  • Milliners #3 needles—a necessity for wrapped stitches, like knots, bullions, drizzles, or cast-on stitches, because the eye is the same width as the body of the needle, so it is easier to pull the needle through the wraps. This size is large enough to carry most threads and makes those wrapped stitches easier and prettier!

Purchased separately, these items would cost you $44.50. Buy the kit and save!!

A Few of Our Favorite Things

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