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Ribbon comes to life as beautiful blooms for this lovely quilt. The center medallion is a vase of flowers, inspired by a Baltimore Album block from the Lovely Lane Museum. You will have fun exploring a variety of materials (ribbons, velvet, wool, gimp, metallic threads, silk) to create a sunflower, violet, honeysuckle, asters, and roses in a lovely Victorian vase—as well as a buzzing bee. The corner blocks are Inspired by vintage prints, featuring sweet peas, tulips, zinnias, and a lily; they are created with a wealth of materials, including wired ribbon, silk ribbon, sari silk, hand-dyed threads, velvet, and more. Lovely appliquéd vines with ribbon embroidery fill the border swags. The full quilt patterns come with complete, detailed instructions (including photos) and a kit including all ribbon and embroidery threads needed to complete the the entire quilt.

Please email us for information about international shipping.

Lovely Botanicals

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