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“Baby, It’s Cold Outside!” Because of that, our snowman maker couldn’t fight the temptation of a warm, cozy fire, thus leaving the happy snowman just a bit unfinished. This wintry block is embellished with many charming details—from the glowing fire and snow-topped trees to a basket full of all that is needed to make the snowman complete. Maybe when it warms up a tad, our snowman maker can finish the snowman, or take a turn around the pond with his skates, or maybe even a quick sled down the hill. Dimensional wool appliqué, embroidery, and embellishment help you tell this winter wonderland story from a stitching perspective!  Finished block size: 12 inches square.

Baby, It's Cold Outside! Digital Pattern

  • This pattern is for personal use only and should not be copied or shared without permission from the authors.

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